Our company has currently almost completed its innovative mission by having studied, designed and built, to date at the post-prototypical phase, a world-class unmanned long-range and high-performance aircraft capable of carrying a payload of up to 10 kg, an electric propulsion VTOL unmanned aircraft able to fly at a high cruising speed of 320-350 km/h, depending on the wind direction at a conventional altitude of 500 feet/150 meters, transporting emergency medicines, organs for transplants, documents and other goods that require immediate delivery.

An RPAS capable of taking off and landing vertically while covering long distances with low energy consumption.

The research, feasibility-executive study, and final design phase were divided into 4 phases:

A. Advanced flight control capable of managing the transition between vertical flight and traditional flight and vice versa;

B. Construction of the RPAS with the latest generation materials and technologies, able to allow considerable weight saving, and thus guarantee a useful payload, always remaining under Mtow (maximum take-off weight) of 25 Kg.;

C. Systems for optimizing available energy and additive energy sources capable of increasing autonomy and therefore operational range;

D. Advanced and priority flight systems, capable of allowing missions up to 100 Km in complete safety.

The second evolutionary stage with the transition from the innovative startup to the innovative SME now begins with the birth of a high-tech industrial company dedicated to continuous research in the unmanned aeronautical field and the construction of professional use RPAS delivery.

Look at the first prototype (June 2021)