Advanced solutions for high performance.

The current offer of remote-piloted aircraft, mainly related to rotary wing and fixed wing types, does not allow for their effective use in large operational scenarios due to the inherent limited flight autonomy, while the greater autonomy of fixed-wing RPAS is negatively offset by less flexibility in use.

Our innovative project allows both the possibility of vertical take-off and landing and translational flight like a fixed-wing aircraft.

The combination of these two operational features gives the final product unparalleled flexibility of use, the ability to conduct long-range operations from areas with ground obstacles, making the product particularly suitable for emergency medical transportation applications, documents, goods, and territorial monitoring.

  • Visible aerial mapping operations for topographic, geological, and environmental applications.
  • Multispectral aerial mapping operations for precision farming and environmental purposes.
  • Fire prevention operations.
  • Observation and border protection operations.
  • Search and rescue operations.
  • Delivery of medicines in remote areas.
  • Delivery of survival kits.
  • Delivery of small-sized mail and goods.