JET V.02

Subsonic RPAS.

The long-range (100 m) and high-performance (330 km/h) electric propulsion delivery RPAS has already experienced, within the Research & Development function of Apr Aerospace s.r.l., a unique and extreme evolution on a global level with a new RPAS currently in the experimental phase powered by a jet fan reaction propulsion capable of reaching a cruising speed of 600 m/h, twice the already significant speed of the delivery RPAS, effectively halving flight times or doubling the distance, opening a new scenario aimed at surpassing the limit, already exclusive and unique on a global scale, of 100 km distance reached in about 20 minutes.

This is an innovation within already innovation, the result of exclusive technology and universal know-how, never studied or experimented by anyone.

APR002 Data

The use of the jet engine for translational flight is an absolutely innovative solution on a global level.

The development of this procedure required years of work and experimentation, Apr VTOL 002 uses a turbine engine for cruise flight, maximizing performance.

It reaches a speed of up to 600 Km/h, reducing the duration of the mission where time is a determining factor.

At the base of APR 002 there is a highly advanced aerodynamic study to minimize the Cx (drag coefficient) and a further step forward in innovation using only 3 electric engines instead of 4, optimizing consumption, weight, and aerodynamics.

The cell is made of carbon and Kevlar to withstand the stress of high speed.

APR VTOL002 also falls into the 25 Kg MTOW category.