A hybrid Apr with vertical take-off and translated flight.

APR001 is a fully electrically powered aircraft designed for long-range transport of payloads up to 10 Kg. The airframe will be entirely built with composite materials and equipped with 5 electric motors (4 for VTOL, 1 for mission flight).

The winning feature is the ability to perform vertical landings and takeoffs in the "multirotor" mode, but at the same time make a transition to conventional flight, thus becoming a traditional aircraft and thereby greatly increasing efficiency and range.

The wing uses a high-efficiency profile and has a wingspan of 2.90 meters. Only one of the engines is used for translational flight, optimizing battery life and operational range.

The use of the latest generation composite materials allows for the best ratio between mass and structural characteristics. Despite its generous dimensions, the flight-ready weight of the APR001 is only 15 Kg, which makes it possible to transport payloads up to 10 Kg without exceeding the 25 Kg MTOW imposed by the regulations.

The range of action, in relation to the onboard payload, cruising speed, and "Flight control" used, can reach up to 100 Km.